Chiropractic Sale in Santa Cruz



CORE is having a Chiropractic sale in Santa Cruz and Watsonville as we adjust to business unusual after the Covid-19 pandemic. We are now offering clients the best deals we’ve ever had to get you in and get you healthy! Do you want to get out of pain, move more and better? Start the journey to a healthier, pain-free you by booking an appointment with one of our award-winning Doctors!

Your session will include an exam by one of our Doctors to learn what’s working correctly and where there is dysfunction in your body. You will then get an immediate, relieving, treatment to help you feel better that very same day! Learn more about our patented (yes, it’s our very own proven method) Sports ChiroTherapy services here. Take advantage of this Chiropractic Sale in Santa Cruz and Watsonville while it lasts.


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